Supporting Our Fellowship

What would the Miami Valley be like without our Fellowship? What does our Fellowship offer to the community and to you? What do you want our congregation to be?

These questions should help our members and friends recognize the value of Unitarian Universalism to our community and to the world.

It is important for members and friends to support the work of the Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship through a variety of stewardship efforts.

Stewardship is an ethic of responsibility that sustains something of value. Stewardship is an ethic we all share to ensure MVUUF is here for you now, for our community now, and for this community in the future.

At MVUUF we practice stewardship in a variety of ways, from taking care of our facilities, supporting the work of our staff and volunteers, and communicating with one another across all of our means available. Financial support is another way we practice stewardship, and at MVUUF we pledge our financial support as a way of promising to help MVUUF be a sustainable community.

Members and friends are encouraged to give generously and in a way that reflects the work of the Fellowship. It is only through pledge contributions that we keep our doors open, provide fair and just incomes for our staff, maintain our facilities, and run our programs. By promising to make a financial commitment we can best create a budget that reflects our future.

We hold a pledge drive every spring. We use the amount pledged to create our budget, which pays our staff, maintains our facilities, and supports the good work we do in the community. Our pledge year, or fiscal year, runs from July first through June 30. We renew pledges every year.

To make a pledge, please contact our office administrator, Jennie Freiberger .

Uncertain how much to give? The UUA has a suggested fair share giving guide or feel free to speak with our Fellowship Treasurer.

Did you know you can donate to MVUUF at no cost to you every time you shop at Kroger, Dorothy Lane Market, and Amazon? Learn how to use the affiliate programs at these companies so that a percentage based on your purchases will go to MVUUF. Read more… 

For information on how to endow funds to the Fellowship, click here.

If you are looking for the page where you can make an online contribution, click here.