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                                                                  Saturday, March 10th – 6:00 pm  

                                                                 Service Auction 2018:  Mystery!   

We are looking for:

  • Volunteers
  • UU Bucks
  • Silent or Live Auction items
  • Baskets
  • Children’s Auction items
  • A data entry person
  • Someone to manage A/V


Donations close 2/25, get your Silent and Live auction items submitted today by clicking HERE

You can volunteer through Sign-Up Genius HERE

As usual we will have a Service Auction table in the Gathering Space this Sunday. You are welcome to stop by to volunteer or donate there.  


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Sunday, February 4th – 11:00 am

Immigration As A Moral Issue:  Stories of Dreamers, Deportees and Refugees

Members of MVUUF

 Immigration is not a simple issue. Only through an accident of birth, people find themselves in sometimes harrowing and sometimes hopeful situations. Hear the stories of people who have been affected by immigration and displacement, and why it is a moral concern for UUs.

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Sunday, February 11th – 11:00 am

The Way the Night Knows Itself With the Moon

  The Rev. Dr. Holly Horn

The sermon this morning will celebrate Valentine’s Day. And during the service, we will also observe the one-year anniversary of the death of Rev. Greg Martin with a special ritual. Please join us.

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Sunday, February 18th – 11:00 am

Building Your Own Theology

The Rev. Dr. Holly Horn

It’s not easy being in a religion that expects us to come up with our own answers to “life’s persistent questions.” But it is our sacred task as UUs.

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Sunday, February 25th – 11:00 am

Heavens on Earth:  Intentional & Utopian Communities

The Rev. Dr. Holly Horn

This sermon will explore Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist dreams and practices of community.

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