MVUUF Memorial Garden

UU congregational grounds have often served as places of burial or memorial to honor deceased members and friends. We follow this tradition and provide for the burial or scattering of cremated remains as well as for memory and reflection.

The Memorial Garden is located to the southeast of the Fellowship building along the path bordering the wetlands. The path begins at the Swamp Oak with two short pillars topped by a trellis. It continues south toward a weeping willow, ending in a large circle with a boulder-mounted plaque on one side and a curved stone wall on the other. Two benches are spaced along one side of the path and various shrubs decorate that side.

The Memorial Garden was dedicated on September 12, 2010. It was designed by an MVUUF member and built by friends of the Fellowship. Financial support came together by people purchasing plaques in advance to retain space on the memorial boulder.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I apply to use the Memorial Garden?

Individuals may pre-register in the Church Office by completing an application, agreeing to the Procedures & Policies, and paying a non-refundable $300 fee.  This fee covers the future burial or scattering of cremated remains (cremains), a memorial name plate, and grounds care.

Do I have to be a Fellowship member?

Use is available to non-members with Memorial Garden Committee approval. Visitation is open to all.

How are people memorialized?

Cast bronze name plates, ordered by the committee are set on the Memorial Garden Plaque as a garden focal point.

May I memorialize other members?

The same services, or a name plate only, are offered for previously deceased members for the same fee.

How do I find a specific burial site?

Each two foot square site is recorded with date of use, the deceased’s date of birth and date of death in both a Memorial Garden Book of Record and on a grid map.

Can I reserve a specific site?

Site preparation is arranged by the Committee.  Specific sites cannot be reserved.

How are cremated remains buried?

Burial is directly into the earth or with a bio-degradable container.  The cremains are not retrievable.

May I decorate a burial site?

Only natural flowers can be used as temporary decoration. No plantings are permitted without Committee approval.

Can cremains be scattered?

Cremains may be scattered on the Fellowship grounds with Committee approval. Date of scattering and the deceased’s date of birth and date of death are recorded in the Memorial Garden Book of Record.

Will the Memorial Garden be permanent?

The Memorial Garden is an ongoing project with usage fees reserved solely for construction and maintenance. If MVUUF ever moves to a new location, the Memorial Plaque will be transferred to a new garden at that site.

Is a Memorial Service included?

Official burial or memorial services are arranged separately with the minister; family gatherings are scheduled with the Office Administrator.

May I make a Memorial Garden donation?

Tax-deductible donations are welcome and are publicly acknowledged and noted in the Memorial Garden Book of Record. The Committee can also advise on specific gifts for the Memorial Garden.

For more information or to make arrangements for interment in the MVUUF Memorial Garden, please contact our Office Administrator.