Social Action Committee

Responsibilities of the Social Action Committee

  1. Assist and review Action Groups and other social action efforts to provide assistance when needed.
  2. Review Action Groups to ensure that they fit the criteria established by the congregation and the Social Action Committee.
  3. Approve budgets and exercise budgetary oversight for the Committee and its related Action Groups. Carry out any Social Action Committee fundraising. Provide assistance and oversight for any fundraising by Action Groups.
  4. Implement congregation-wide social justice projects and forums.
  5. Actively pursue connections with other groups in the community that are working for social justice.
  6. Maintain working relationships with other committees and groups of the congregation, including the Worship and LRE Committees to ensure appropriate focus on social justice work.
  7. Build and maintain social justice relationships with other congregations in the Heartland District, with the UUA and with other social justice-oriented UU groups.
  8. Prepare and update at least annually a strategic plan for social justice initiatives that looks three to five years into the future.
  9. Assure continuity from year to year for all social justice initiatives, with procedures for staggering terms of office of Social Action Committee members and Action Group chairs.
  10. Develop and assure the implementation of efficient processes for accomplishing social justice work so that a minimum of time and energy is spent dealing with process and a maximum on actual social justice work.
  11. Assure that no social justice action by the Social Action Committee or any Action Group is in violation of the rules under which the congregation is a tax-exempt body and assure that the work of the groups follows approved Board policy and congregation bylaws.