Immigrant and Refugee Justice Action Group

MVUUF helps our congregation focus on both national and local issues related to affirming the inherent worth and dignity of both immigrants and refugees. We seek both to examine and address the moral issues inherent in our treatment of immigrants and refugees in the U.S. The recent growth of refugees in the Greater Dayton area and the adoption of the “Welcome Dayton” initiatives by the Dayton City Commissioners in 2011 also call for our involvement in working for solutions in our community.
The goals of this effort are:

  • to keep members of the congregation informed,
  • to provide contacts for those who wish to volunteer, and
  • to identify ways in which the Fellowship as a community can further justice for immigrants and refugees.

Projects of this group take three forms: direct aid, education, and advocacy.

This Action Group functions as a sub-group under our MVUUF’s Social Action Committee. For more information, contact Maureen O’Meara.