Humanitarian Giving Action Group

Humanitarian giving is intended to meet the needs of persons in distress. Through our donations of money, food, or time, hungry people are fed, homeless people are housed, and help is given where it is needed.
At MVUUF, we use our humanitarian giving to provide charitable relief to those who need it most. To lend a hand, contact Steven Steel.

Some of our humanitarian giving opportunities are:

Share the Offering

A portion of each Sunday’s non-pledge offering is given to a local or national helping organization. The Social Action Committee is responsible for selecting the organization with suggestions from members of the congregation.

Special Offerings

We also conduct special offerings to support victims of tragedies such as Katrina survivors and the UU congregations in that area. Other targeted offerings have included: Haitian relief, Water for Flint, victims of the shooting in the Knoxville UU church, and flood relief in the Midwest.

Holiday Giving

At Christmas time we promote a giving tree or some related giving opportunity to collect clothing for children or families in the Dayton area.

Youth Involvement

Our Youth Religious Education program provides opportunities for our young people to learn about our UU commitment to social justice and to engage in specific social action projects and activities.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
We support the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, a national organization that addresses humanitarian and civil rights struggles around the world, largely through the Guest at Your Table program, as well as through individual contributions.