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Environmental Action

The Fellowship has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. We previously had a specific committee on environmental action, the MVUUF Environmental Action Group. This group no longer exists as a specific committee, but individual projects and activities continue.

Some of our current and former projects include:water_testing_wolf_creek

  • Leading worship services that focus on environmental issues
  • Conducting an energy audit of our facility with follow-up corrective actions
  • Providing information on ethical eating and other sustainability issues
  • Group clean-up projects in connection with the MetroParks
  • Water Quality Testing along Wolf Creek

We maintain a wetland at the east end of our property and use it for educational purposes.

We also provide a paper recycling bin in our parking lot for use by members, friends, and neighbors.

The Environmental Learning Book Club meets every other month to read and discuss informative books related to environmental issues.  We will meet next on Monday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m.  We are currently reading
The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow’s World, by Charles C. Mann.  Mann, an award-winning correspondent for The Atlantic, Science, and other publications, is the author of the books 1493 and 1491. According to a review by Penguin Random House, the book is “an incisive portrait of the two little-known twentieth-century scientists, Norman Borlaug and William Vogt, whose diametrically opposed views shaped our ideas about the environment, laying the groundwork for how people in the twenty-first century will choose to live in tomorrow’s world.” When answering questions of how to deal with environmental challenges, individuals generally fall into two deeply divided groups – Wizards and Prophets. “The Prophets, he explains, follow William Vogt, a founding environmentalist who believed that in using more than our planet has to give, our prosperity will lead us to ruin. Cut back! was his mantra. … The Wizards are the heirs of Norman Borlaug, whose research, in effect, wrangled the world in service to our species to produce modern high-yield crops that then saved millions from starvation. Innovate! was Borlaug’s cry. … Mann delves into [their] diverging viewpoints to assess the four great challenges humanity faces–food, water, energy, climate change–grounding each in historical context and weighing the options for the future.”

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