Anti-Racism Team (ART)

Note: This page is out-of-date. You will find current information about our Anti-Racism Ally Group toward the bottom of our Home page. Co-leaders of that group are Kristin Beireis and Bill Ross.

The home page contains our public statement around anti-racism as well.

Our congregational reads with our minister are often on anti-racism topics.


The Anti-Racism Team provides education, witness and advocacy around issues of racism. Educational campaigns include religious education classes and worship services for the MVUUF community, as well as workshops for the greater Dayton area.

ART has led and participated in vigils in response to shootings, such as the shooting of John Crawford III by police and the shooting of Black parishioners at the Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, SC.

Other educational efforts include showing films that raise consciousness about race, racism, and anti-racism efforts. ART has also encouraged letter-writing campaigns and other advocacy work to end racist policies and practices.