Note: This page still reflects our in-person offerings for children prior to COVID. We currently offer monthly activities for children and families. This page will be updated when time permits. Thank you for your patience as circumstances evolve.


What to Expect as a Visitor to MVUUF YRE

Welcome to Children and Youth Religious Education at MVUUF, or YRE for short! We’re happy to have you as a visitor and hope MVUUF will become a spiritual home for your family. As you get to know our congregation, we hope you will stay connected  for news and announcements and that the information below will be helpful on your first visits to our Fellowship.

You may have many questions on your first visit. When you arrive, our Greeters will be happy to welcome you and show you where YRE classes happen. They’ll be sure to introduce you to YRE staff and volunteers, who will go over our Sunday morning schedule with you.

Please fill out a visitor registration form so we can learn the names of your child or children and point out their classrooms. The form includes space for you to write down any allergies or special needs – although we greatly appreciate you telling us in person when we meet you, too! The more we know about your child, the better experience we can provide in class.

If you have a baby or toddler under age 3, we will show you our nursery and introduce you to our childcare providers. Please be sure to sign each child in and out every time you attend Sunday service.

Even though our nursery is a fun and child-friendly place, we know that sometimes it’s hard for little ones to adjust to a new setting. If a baby or child is inconsolable in the nursery, we will send a volunteer into the sanctuary to notify you.

Children in the sanctuary

MVUUF is a family-friendly congregation! We work hard to provide a fun and engaging learning environment for each child in our YRE classes. We also realize that sometimes children prefer to stay with their families during service, especially during their first few visits. Please know that this is always an option for your family if that works best for you.

All children and youth will begin most Sundays in the service for a short time. For young people, these 15 to 20 minutes can feel pretty long! As they enter the sanctuary, kids may borrow a toy from our basket of “fidgets” to play with quietly as they wait. Adults are welcome to borrow a fidget too!

Throughout the year we plan special all-ages services. These often match up to a holiday, observance, or UU ritual (examples include Earth Day, Thanksgiving, and our annual Water Ingathering). These services are designed to engage and appeal to the entire congregation and often include ways for young people to participate