YRE Registration Forms and Volunteer Applications

Note: With the many changes to programming during the pandemic, this page is currently out of date but will be updated when time permits.


Below are all of the forms and applications used in our Youth Religious Education program.  If you have any questions or have difficulty accessing or downloading any of them, please contact our Fellowship administrator Jennie at jennief@mvuuf.org or 937-436-3628.

YRE Guest and Visitor Form

On your first visit, please complete this brief guest registration form. It helps us learn names and direct children to the correct classroom. This form includes space for you to tell us about any allergies or special needs.

YRE Registration for Children and Youth

If you and your child or children are regulars in YRE, please use this form to register each year. Registration lets us know who is in each class and who each child’s parent or guardian is. You can include information about allergies and any special needs in the space provided.

Our YRE program is run almost entirely by volunteers. We hope all parents will consider helping out with YRE classes and special events through the year. The registration form includes a section where you can indicate how you are able to help out.

YRE Event Permission Form

Sometimes YRE youth travel to special events, overnight youth conferences (aka “cons”), or out-of-town service trips. Use this form to grant permission for your child to be transported to and attend the event.

YRE Volunteer Application

We’d love to have you as a YRE volunteer! Use this form to tell us a little about you, your talents, and skills. Give your completed form to the Director of Religious Education.

Safety of children, youth, and volunteers is our priority. If you wish to volunteer in YRE, you must complete our Background Check Form.