Adult Religious Education

All groups are open to both members and friends.

At the Fellowship, we often gather together for adult religious education on various topics. Our classes are always discussion oriented and open to diverse points of view. Some examples of adult education curricula that we have offered are described below.

Build Your Own Theology– a 12 week workshop written by Rev. Richard Gilbert examines the roots of a personal theology with discussions on human nature, ultimate reality, history of UUism, ethics, and creating meaning in our lives.

New UU – this 7 week UUA curriculum looks at UU history, principles, worship, community, theology, and membership. Open to both non-members and new members.

Compassionate Communication– Based on Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication, this 10-12 week course offers discussion and practice around the methodology of observation, feelings, needs, and requests.

For details about what is being offered at this time, please contact our administrator

Additional discussion groups

Community Discussion Group

Meeting weekly before the Sunday worship service, the Community Discussion Group tackles widely varying subjects including religion, philosophy, science, current events, popular culture, and more. Topics and moderators change weekly.

Women’s Group

Our Women’s group meets every Sunday morning to explore topics and curriculum that cultivate powerful spiritual connections between the women in the group. They are currently meeting via Zoom. Typically, the group organizes an annual retreat for the women of the congregation.

Book Clubs

The Daytime Book Club (third Wednesday @ 10:30) meets monthly.  We did offer an Environmental Book Group, but it is currently discontinued.

Smart Choices

Smart Choices is a daytime themed lunch group that meets monthly at a local restaurant.