Our Endowment

The Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Endowment Fund is a way to ensure that our values and goals will endure after we are gone. It provides long term financial security for MVUUF, as well as a possible source for building, social justice or emergency projects and helps to ensure a healthy and exciting future for those members who come after us. It is truly for our tomorrow and for those who follow us.

Who Manages the Fund?

The MVUUF Endowment fund is managed by three Trustees who are elected by the congregation. The Trustees, who must be current MVUUF members, invest and disburse the assets in accordance with the Endowment Fund Agreement approved by this congregation.

Investment Policy

Gifts to the Fund are invested in a way to produce both a reasonable current return and future growth, while also conserving principal. In making investments, the Trustees always keep in mind the ethical principles of MVUUF and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Currently, the Fund’s assets are fully invested in the UU Common Endowment Fund which manages the overall UUA endowment and those of some UU congregations. The Trustees encourage all MVUUF members to consider a Fund donation as part of their estate planning.