Vision and Mission of the

Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship




We strive to embrace every mind, body, and spirit — without exception.


We covenant to practice compassion, forge connections, and pursue justice.


MVUUF’s Board of Trustees appointed a team in the spring of 2016 to update the Fellowship’s Vision and Mission statements. This process, which included gathering information from the entire congregation, as well as the greater Miami Valley community, concluded with a community discovery and assessment report to the Board of Trustees and a January 2017 report to the congregation.

Identity and vision

Insight from the MVUUF 2014-16 ministerial search committee provided a foundation for the work of the mission/vision task force. Building on the search committee’s extensive survey of MVUUF members, the task force collected members’ thoughts concerning MVUUF’s collective vision and perceptions of the congregation’s sense of identity.

Place in the community

For a better understanding of MVUUF’s place in the community, the task force engaged a talented and trained group of MVUUF member interview teams to gather viewpoints of over twenty community stakeholders, including educators, social service agency staff, and law enforcement professionals. The purpose of this community assessment was to:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the community.
  2. Learn about existing community agencies and their programs and services.
  3. Identify existing community strengths.
  4. Identify unmet service needs in the community.
  5. Identify ways in which MVUUF can become involved in meeting needs.
  6. Establish networking relationships and connect with community agencies and organizations.
  7. Use the information to help inform MVUUF’s vision and future goal setting.

After reviewing the resulting interviews, the vision/mission group produced a community discovery and assessment report .

Ideas and responses

With input gathered from the congregation and a deeper understanding of the context in which MVUUF exists, the vision/mission task force drafted and unveiled successive iterations of vision and mission statements to a series of smaller groups within the Fellowship. The task force listened to responses from individuals in attendance, prompting further revisions.

Following deliberation on the responses from the discussions, the vision/mission task force presented these statements to the board and congregation:

Vision statement:  We strive to embrace every mind, body, and spirit — without exception.

Mission statement: We covenant to practice compassion, forge connections, and pursue justice.

The new vision and mission statements were accepted as working statements for the congregation at the January 2017 Congregational Meeting. A new task force appointed by the MVUUF Board of Trustees will carry the implementation process forward.

Next steps: Assessment

The first task will be to assess existing ministries and programs. How do they align with the vision and mission? What fits and works well that can be built on for the future? What no longer fits and can be revised or discontinued as we move forward? What is missing or needs to be added to effectively live out this vision and mission?

Next steps: Goals

MVUUF’s second task will be to engage every ministry and program area in setting one goal for their area that will move the vision and mission forward in the 2017-18 year. The intent is for this detailed plan to be in place to guide all efforts by August 2017.

Maintaining progress:

The Board and Program Council will conduct evaluations on progress every 3 months and develop a process for an annual updating of goals for the next year.