Becoming a Member of 

Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

At some point in your faith journey, you may begin to feel you would like to be more than a guest here at MVUUF. You may feel that this has become your spiritual home, a community with whom you share values, a place to raise your children, a hub for involvement in social justice, a support in time of need, and a place to make connections and build relationships.

Meaning of Membership

Becoming a member means you are entering into a covenant with MVUUF – or making a promise and commitment to becoming a Unitarian Universalist and all that implies. Although we have no set doctrine or prescribed beliefs, we do have shared principles. When you sign the membership book, you are saying you are in agreement with those principles and our vision and mission statements. It also means you will do your best to live out those principles both inside the fellowship and in the greater community. Membership means you covenant to do your best to:

  • Participate in the life of the fellowship
  • Grow your own faith
  • Give of your time, energy and talents
  • Support the fellowship with an annual pledge
  • Participate in fellowship democratic decision-making by attending congregational meetings
  • Follow a covenant of right relations

Membership also has its privileges. These privileges include:

  • The right to vote on church matters
  • The opportunity to participate in leadership roles
  • The use of the church building at reduced cost
  • The services of the minister in rites of passage, with some limitations
  • The receipt of the church newsletter
  • The enrollment in the church’s email lists for announcements and discussion
  • The certification with the Unitarian Universalist Association which includes quarterly receipt of the UU World
  • The right to serve as a delegate to the General Assembly

Path to Membership

  • Attend services and get to know us! Take your time, get involved in an activity or committee that interests you. Talk to us.
  • Attend a Welcoming Session and a Joining Session.
  • Attend New UU Classes (optional).
  • Contact the Membership Chair, Board President, or Minister about joining.
  • Fill out an information sheet and pledge card and turn them in to the Office Administrator.

New Members sign the membership book and are welcomed to church membership in a New Members Welcome Ceremony during a Sunday service about twice a year.