How We Communicate at MVUUF

Being mindful of our environment, we’ve increasingly turned to online methods to reach out to our members and friends.

The MVUUF monthly newsletter, the Forum, is published electronically and sent by email to most members. Paper copies are available for those who prefer it. To receive the Forum, contact our Administrator, Jennie.

The Forum features monthly articles from our Minister and Religious Education schedules and events. We highlight all of our activities from concerts and discussion groups to special events and new member introductions.

You can peruse current and past issues of the Forum dating to 2003.

Our members and friends find the Friday eBlast to be especially useful. These weekly mailings contain church news items,  and reminders as well as upcoming events. To receive the eBlast, contact our Administrator, Jennie.

The Sunday Service Slide Announcements are short reminders of upcoming events and important information. These run 10 minutes before our Sunday service. There are also several hard copies of the events for the upcoming week available at each service.


We have an FM transmission system for hearing assistance in the Sanctuary, and speakers to broadcast the service to the Gathering Space, kitchen, and nursery.

Joys and Sorrows. We honor individual celebrations and concerns by inviting members to come forward during the worship service and silently light a candle while the congregation sings How Could Anyone. The opportunity for those wishing their joy or sorrow to be read aloud is available. Individual written thoughts are announced by the Minister or Worship Leader after the silent candle lightings.

In an effort to find more effective ways to deal with our disagreements, MVUUF adopted a Covenant of Right Relations in 2007. We didn’t just adopt a statement. We promoted the idea of right relations through sermons and in practices.

A Right Relations committee developed educational programs and a policy that advised on a process for people to follow when they have conflicts. The Right Relations Committee also created a brochure that describes specific behaviors that members can use to remain in right relations.

Our Covenant of Right Relations:

As I enter this sacred space, I will do my part to create a loving, welcoming environment. I promise to respect and nurture others in their spiritual journeys. I will speak with directness and empathy, especially in times of disagreement. I will strive to understand others’ points of view, focusing on the goal of building the beloved community within these walls and in the wider world.


We have a main Facebook page and Facebook pages for several specific groups.

  • The main MVUUF Facebook page
  • YRE Parents
  • Senior high youth
  • Beloved Community

Beloved Community Facebook group

In fall of 2014, we created a Facebook group to help generate excitement and about MVUUF activities. It quickly grew into a space for people to share ideas, plan major events together, and intentionally introduce themselves in a safe and nurturing space.

The Covenant for the online Beloved Community group welcomes members “to our online space to practice, explore, share, and brainstorm about how we are to BE a Beloved Community, with each other and with the greater Dayton and world community. The collective goal is for this to be a safe and positive space, to share our dreams and wrestle with how we can help each other make it happen.

MVUUF uses Yahoo! Groups for communicating information in a timely manner. Groups include:

We maintain an online calendar for members and friends to keep track of all activities, regularly occurring events, and special events.

Governance documents such as our Bylaws and policy manuals are also available on the website.

Well organized bulletin boards in the main hallway are another useful means of communicating news, activities, volunteer opportunities, articles, and other information. Be sure to check them when you’re in the Fellowship.